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Horrible histories: What do agents have to reveal about the history of a Brisbane property

October 30, 2017

For Sale Brisbane House for sale Property Selling Tips

Whether you’re renting, buying or selling a home, real estate agents must provide relevant, pertinent and necessary information. This includes not misleading you and using fair contract terms in line with Queensland and Australian laws. So they must disclose any nasty skeletons that may be hiding in the history of a Brisbane property…   What […]

Home Staging

September 30, 2017

For Sale Brisbane Home decorating House for sale Property Selling Tips

Home staging has been used by real estate agents in the United States for a number of years. In fact it’s become so popular in the US that around 40% of agents insist on all of the homes they sell being staged. While it’s yet to get as popular in our local Brisbane property market, […]

How to negotiate a pre-auction sale

August 17, 2017

Brisbane Property Agency Buying Tips House for sale

When auction volumes and clearance rates are high, it’s generally an indication that auctioning is a great way to sell a property. However, what if you’re sitting in the other camp, the buyers’ camp. How do you strike a deal before the auction and land the property of your dreams? Well, that’s where the pre-auction […]

5 property stats you should pay attention to above all others

June 30, 2017

Buying Tips For Sale Brisbane House for sale Investment

You’ve decided that you want to buy a property! Are you looking to add a great new addition to your investment portfolio? Or, have you finally saved that 20% deposit to get you started in the property game? Either way, you should know that buying a property should be viewed as an investment decision. Always […]

6 property settlement tips for home buyers

June 7, 2017

Buying Tips For Sale Brisbane House for sale Property

So your offer has just been accepted. What happens next? The next step in the home buying journey is settlement. Below is a summary of what you’ll need to know to complete the home ownership process.   Property Settlement 101: First and foremost you need to understand that you’ll be leaving most of the work […]

What is Capital Gains Tax?

April 30, 2017

For Sale Brisbane House for sale Investment

Capital gains tax needs to be understood by every property investor and/or buyer. It is commonly a thorn in almost every investors’ side. It’s a thorn because it’s a tax that means the government takes a cut of any profit we make from our investments. However, the upside is that people can also claim tax […]

Stamp duty. Transfer duty. What are they and are they the same?

November 21, 2016

House for sale Investment Property Property value Selling Tips Uncategorized

Well, you’re in luck. Stamp duty and transfer duty are the same thing. We used to call it stamp duty but recently we’ve started calling it transfer duty. Easy! So, what do you need to know about stamp/transfer duty? Generally, stamp duty (or transfer duty) is a levy or tax applied whenever you sell, buy or […]

Selling Property Over Christmas

December 4, 2015

Brisbane Property Agency For Sale Brisbane Holidays Home decorating House for sale Property Selling Tips

Is it a good idea to sell your property over Christmas? Selling Property Over Christmas The silly season may have you feeling cheerful, but is it really a good time to sell your property? If you’re preparing to sell your home, you may wonder when the right time to sell is.  Christmas is a time that […]

REIQ Accreditation - Exceptional service

November 5, 2015

Brisbane Property Agency For Sale Brisbane House for sale Property Selling Tips

Why Accreditation is important for you? Blocksidge & Ferguson Real Estate Agents, now called Blocksidge Real Estate, are accredited by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland. The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) accredits agencies who meet strict requirements. These requirements are that we, as a Brisbane real estate agency, must  –  Hold professional indemnity insurance for […]

Brisbane, it is time, Spring clean to sell your house

September 1, 2015

For Sale Brisbane Home decorating House for sale Property value Selling Tips

Getting your home ready for Sale – Spring is the best time to sell! We all are looking forward to the warmer weather and green lawns, flowers and swimming. The house has been locked up all winter to keep out the cold, it is time to open the windows and let spring in. The house […]