Is Spring the best time to sell Brisbane real estate?

Brisbane real estate agents love to sell property in spring. Why? Because timing can be everything when it comes selling property. The ability of a seller to secure a great price for their home, or to attract multiple buyers to submit an offer, can hinge on the time of year they choose to sell.  While every property and area is different, Spring is widely regarded as the best time of year to sell property. Here’s why:

Spring has an energising and attractive “look and feel”

Ah springtime in Brisbane. The jacarandas start to flower, the weather hovers around a balmy 24 degrees Celsius, and the days begin to lengthen. Gardens starts to look delightful and the thought of the Christmas season begins to pop into our minds. This all culminates in attracting buyers onto the streets and into open homes.


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Few buyers are going to brave the Brisbane summer

Brisbane real estate agents and residents all know how terrifying Brisbane summers can be. Close to 100% humidity, searing hot sun, and 30+ degree Celsius days do not encourage property hunters to get out and about!  Listing your property for sale in Spring hopefully sees the sale completed before the ferocity of Summer arrives.

There are less public holidays in Brisbane in the spring

Public holidays see most people pack up and head out of town for a long weekend. This results in fewer open homes and even fewer buyers visiting the open for inspections. As all Brisbane real estate agents know, if buyers aren’t turning up for open homes, the property is likely to take longer to sell.

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‘Super Saturday’ before Grand Final weekend

While Brisbane real estate agents don’t necessarily have the same decline in attendance at open homes that our southern counterparts do, we still see the affects of this weekend. Netball, NRL, and AFL finals culminate in spring to create ‘Super Saturday’. This is a peak action point as a lot of sellers are rushing to get their properties on the market before this celebratory weekend. As listing numbers tend to increase during Spring, it’s wise to consider listing your property for sale early in Spring to get a lead on the competition.


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Advantages of selling outside of spring

Winter can be a good time to sell as Brisbane winters are mild. This means Brisbane real estate agents don’t necessarily see the same decline of active buyers that agents in the cooler parts of Australia see over the winter months. Winter can also be a good time to sell as there may be a reduction of sellers in the market place. However, while your competition may be decreased, your pool of buyers may also be slightly less.

Why is having lots of potential buyers important?

Nothing is better for a seller than buyers putting in offers. And if there are more buyers, it generally means more potential offers. Brisbane real estate agents are better placed to get a higher price for a property when there are multiple buyers submitting offers. Historically, spring is the time that this will most likely occur.

Sum up

Ultimately, when you decide to sell will depend on the characteristics of your property and your area. Talking to Brisbane real estate agents can help you determine when is the best time for you.

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Is Spring the best time to sell Brisbane real estate?