How to Maximise Storage While Moving House in Brisbane

Storage is an incredibly valuable tool to have when you’re moving house in Brisbane. It allows you to do things on your own terms, which isn’t always possible when you’re dealing with strict settlement and moving dates.

Why do I need storage when moving house in Brisbane?

Having things on your own terms allows you to:

  • Take your time when setting up your new home
  • Have the luxury to move items in and out until you’ve got the perfect fit
  • Keep your house empty if you are doing any painting or re-decorating
  • Keep items out of the way until the room they are to be positioned in is ready.


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Top tips when choosing a storage facility

Storage is useful, but you also need to ensure you maximise it. Remember, storage comes at a price which means you need to get the most for your dollar. Here’s how you can do that.

  1. Find the Right Storage Facility: You need to find a company and space that suits your needs. Companies offer different types of spaces, volumes and facilities. You need to make sure that the area you pay for can accommodate your belongings and keep them safe. You also need to make sure that the service offered comes at a price that suits your budget. The facility should also not be too far from your house in Brisbane.
  2. Pack for Protection: Your investment in storage is only worthwhile if all your belongings come out of storage in one piece. You need to pack slowly and methodically and make sure that every item gets the care it deserves. Never rush this process, and if you’re running out of time, engage a company that offers a professional packing service.
  3. Be Flexible: You don’t want to have strict storage dates, or you will lose the freedom that makes storage so handy. Check that the storage company you are going to use offers a flexible end date option.
  4. Consider Insurance: If anything happens to your goods while they are in storage, it’s a disaster. If you’ve got insurance, it’s just a slight mishap. Reputable furniture storage companies will offer insurance plans. No other type of insurance will cover your belongings in storage, so don’t rely on anything but the insurance your storage provider offers.
  5. Get the Right Type of Storage: As mentioned above, different providers offer different facilities. The most common type of storage is self-storage, which is typically a very basic type of service. Professional secure storage offers a more sophisticated type of facility, which includes features such as climate and fire control, security systems and protection against things like dust, damp, pests and mould. These upgraded facilities come at a cost, but it can be a worthwhile investment.


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Sum up

If you follow these tips, your final decision on a storage facility provider should be the best decision you ever made. You will not only get the freedom to store whatever you like while you go about setting up your new house in Brisbane, but you will also have the peace of mind that your valuables are safe and sound.

And now that you’re moving, if you need to sell your house in Brisbane give us a call. We’d love to help.


This article was written by Kent Storage.

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