Why is autumn the best time to sell?

Spring is usually a busy period for the real estate industry – but did you know you’re actually more likely to sell your property in autumn?


The reality, however, is that spring doesn’t in all circumstances bring with it a unlimited supply of willing and eager homebuyers.

While it’s true that people go out more to look at homes when the weather warms up, and you may therefore be able to tap into a greater pool of buyers, you have to factor in that thousands of other vendors may have the same idea – and therefore, the market can be flooded with listings.

It’s also important to think about real estate markets impacted by dozens of other factors, such as the state of the economy, mortgage interest rates and local supply and demand.

Best time to sell is up to multiple factors

With other words, what applies to your area, and what is your role and circumstances pointing you towards?

Real estate agents are often more successful at converting a listing into a sale in autumn due to a few factors:

Keep in mind families often go away during the Easter holidays, so the ideal time to list your home for sale is in the first three months of the year.

Gardens are maintained more easily in autumn as grass grows slower and needs less cutting than springtime. You want to keep your garden tip top during its tenure on the “for sale” list. Autumn is a colorful time with wonderful changing fragrances as well which presents a unique opportunity for attractive garden presentation.

Make use of the season to present your home.

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Why is autumn the best time to sell?