3 Things tenants forget to look at

Things tenants forget to check before they sign the lease

The excitement of moving into your newly leased home could make you as tenant forget to look at a few things before you sign your name on the dotted line.

  • Connectivity

The area for internet coverage (NBN or not) for a person who relies on connectivity all the time is vital. You may want to check if there is a phone line and if you can at least get ADSL.


  • What will you be responsible for as a tenant?

The home may be available furnished, and with that comes responsibility. If you wish to furnish the home yourself, discuss this with the agent and work out how to change these items over.  This is usually dealt with by the agent, but you must be clear on what you need to do to upkeep the property.  Also important, check the current rates and water usage for the property so you are clear on the costs if you are to pay your water and utilities for the property.


  • Who is the responsible party on the lease?

You as a tenant need to clarify with your agent exactly who is going to be on the lease, and what the process is when people move out or have others move in if a share home, or if you alone are renting the home. Does the landlord want everyone under the roof to be on the lease? Discuss this with your agent.

Also keep your bond payments clear – document who has put how much into the bond amount, and how much each person is entitled to when you leave the home. You don’t want a tangle of other tenants claiming they are owed bond money and no proof of anything when a lease ends. Signed paperwork is the way to go to safeguard all parties from confusion.


These are just 3 things tenants can forget. We will help you as a property manager to get it right.

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