Professional Experience, Knowledge & Passion

The Managing Director of Blocksidge & Ferguson, Mr. Jonathan Blocksidge, introduced me to Sue. Although he and my daughter have been friends for many years, it was a pleasure to finally meet him, and Sue. As soon as Sue and I started talking about the sale of my property I realized how much professional experience, knowledge and passion she brought to her role.

Since my husband died, I have been managing my business affairs quite well; but the sale of my home was a daunting prospect. Sue was reassuring, informative and talked me through every stage of the process. She always came to our meetings armed with data and advice. She suggested a sales strategy ‘Expressions of Interest’ with which I was unfamiliar, but she explained it clearly, and also expressed the advantages it had for selling a property such as mine. She was also very happy to explain, in detail, all aspects of the advertising package she had devised. I felt completely at ease leaving the sales process in Sue’s hands. Not only did Sue sell my home for a very good price, but also helped locate a unit in the area I was seeking, and I was happy to have her guidance in this situation.

We have become friends through this process and I am very glad she took the stress out of what could have been a draining and unsuccessful venture for me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.