A Recommendation for the service of Sue Buchanan, Blocksidge and Ferguson.

We had decided to sell our family home of 30 years: we were unsettled and under informed. Because the house was in a very highly thought of brace of primary and secondary schools, we were sought after with high energy by aggressive and newer local agencies. We had meetings which left us panicked about the process.
We tried to join them in their enthusiasm but we have lived in the area for forty years and we knew they were quoting figures that were too high. The current fashion is public auction. That did not appeal to us. Finally we approached Blocksidge and Ferguson to inspect the home. We knew that they had been around for over 125 years and that their reputation was solid and professional. Director, Jonathan Blocksidge, suggested we meet with Sue Buchanan. Sue walked around the property quietly and with an impressive ability to notice detail: within two days she submitted her plan.
It sounded intelligent, came from deep experience, believable and most of all, an achievable goal. We agreed to set out on the Expressions of Interest strategy. Sue was at our side throughout the entire process: she even had to calm down our extended family who felt we should go to auction. The Open House experiences, dreaded by us, were almost fun. Sue’s calm presence and unnerving ability to get people inspecting the house to talk about themselves hid an impressive professionalism and determination. When we returned after inspection times, Sue would have winkled out the most useful information. She followed up on this information quickly and decisively. Her strategy was a success and the home was sold within three weeks. We received a price that was high and fair and just how we hoped it would turn out. In the closing processes, when there were a couple of unexpected requests from the buyer’s building inspection, Sue remained calm and tough.
In a tough market, Sue’s experience and dedication really made all the difference. She clearly understands what works and her personal approach is very reassuring and caring. We highly recommend Sue Buchanan at Blocksidge and Ferguson for anyone who wants to achieve a top price without stress and drama.