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If you’ve been to our office recently you may have met Poppy our office dog. She’s a grown up one year old border collie kelpie cross who comes in every now and again to help out.

Poppy joined Blocksidge Real Estate in 2017 as the company´s first work experience office dog. She was so good at the job that we made her a permanent staff member. Poppy now has over one year of experience as office dog. As she’s been visiting the office since she was a tiny puppy she’s very well mannered and respects the rules.

She spends her days napping, getting pats, watching the front door, going for a lunch time walk, playing with her toys, hanging out in the lunch room, and keeping an eye on the tradies and courier delivery staff who wander around the office.

Poppy loves a pat so next time you’re in the office don’t be shy!

Favourite Things:

   Favourite Food: chicken!

   Favourite Drink: puppy-cinos! (basically warmed up lactose free milk)

   Favourite Pastime: napping and getting pats. Playing fetch in the park is a close second.

We’re very lucky to have Poppy the office dog at Blocksidge Real Estate. As more and more research shows, having a canine colleague has many benefits –

“There are three key benefits dogs bring to a workplace, says Stephen Colarelli, one of the psychologists at Central Michigan University. “First, dogs lower stress, heart rate and blood pressure, and make individuals who work alone feel less lonely. Second, people are perceived as more friendly and approachable when a dog is present in the office. Finally, it’s likely to increase cooperation and other positive behaviours among members of work groups.”

(source: The Guardian)


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