Purchasing and managing investment property

Purchasing and managing investment property for Brisbane Investors

A few thoughts on purchasing and managing investment property in Brisbane

Property represents a very secure, sound, long term form of wealth creation. As such, many people are turning increasingly to property investment to secure their future.

A well managed investment can offer many advantages including income and capital growth. Many investors may also be able to use their investment to reduce tax payable on their assessable income.


Property is also a good option as part of an investment portfolio, particularly with people who do not need immediate access to their money and wish to protect themselves against inflation over the long term.

It is important, however, to be aware of the responsibilities of managing your property investment and assuring proper care and responsibility.

As considerable money is at stake, you need to take the time to get good advice before you act – and remember, consideration of any investment presents wide and varied alternatives and there are always plenty of experts ready to pass on their opinion. It is wise, therefore, to always seek appropriate advice from a qualified financial advisor or your accountant.

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Rental Income

Often much advice about generating wealth involved a lot of real estate speculation or flipping of properties
(buying fixer-uppers or undervalued properties and then selling them for much higher).

After all, many wealthy people has made their fortunes by investing in real estate.

However, investing in real estate is much more risky than it used to be, requires a lot of work finding the right property and qualifying/paying for it, and usually also comes with a lot of headaches. Being a landlord often means dealing with difficult or deadbeat tenants, costly property repairs, and other aspects that make managing this type of investment less profitable and fun than it sounds.

That is why you should speak to the property professionals in Brisbane. Blocksidge & Ferguson PTY Ltd has been in brisbane since 1888 and we know Brisbane and it’s property market. We can help with the administration and rental of your property, whether it be residential, commercial or leasing.

Please call us today for a discussion if you are entering the investment property market.

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Purchasing and managing investment property