Comparing Agency Agreements


Comparing Agency Agreements
Form 6 Appointment of Property Agent

Form 6 Appointment of Property Agent

There are several different types of agent relationships that you might come across when deciding to sell your property, whether it be a residential house, an apartment, land or even a commercial property.

You would generally choose from these types of appointments and work out what is the best option for your needs.


  • Exclusive Agency Appointment: In this type of agreement, you agree to use the service of a single estate agent. No matter how the home ends up being sold, you will pay the same fee to this agent.
  •  Sole Agency Appointment: This is almost the same as the exclusive agency appointment. Yet in this type of appointment, the owner can still sell the house privately. Should this occur, the agent’s commission fee will not need to be paid.
  • Open Listing Appointment: In an open agency agreement, you can appoint several different real estate agents. However in this instance, only the agency that sells your property will be paid the commission. Although this can be beneficial because you get a wider range of marketing coverage, it could lead to your home being low on the priority list for agents because exclusive sales tend to come first in order of importance.
  • Auction Agency Appointment: An agent will organize the auction of your property in this type of listing appointment

A written agency agreement must be prepared for all services to be performed by an agent for a client. This is a very important step towards selling your propety, and we have the knowledge and industry experience to assist you with all the information you need to make the right decision.


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Comparing Agency Agreements