Ultimate Moving Checklist

Planning & preparation can make moving so much more enjoyable

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Moving to a new home is a huge and often stressful project to undertake without proper planning and preparation. However, if you put the right steps in place, moving day can be exciting, rather than a frantic, stressful experience.

This moving house checklist has been created by Kent Removals and Storage and is a handy tool for planning your move.

The Time Starts Now!

That’s right, it’s never too early to start your moving preparations. The checklist suggests you make a start with two-months until moving day on the following:

  • Source quotes from multiple local removalists. When you’ve found the supplier that you’re happy with, book them in as early as possible, as good removalists tend to book out early.
  • Organise any other providers that you might need for services such as pet transport and boarding, vehicle transportation, and even secure storage.

Two Weeks to Moving Day

With just two weeks to go until moving day, you should be:

  • Confirming payment and removal requirements with your moving company. One of the biggest threats to your moving day is a lack of communication between you and your removalist.
  • Contacting local councils, building managers and body corporates to ensure your moving plans are in accordance with restrictions and regulations.
  • Making sure you have contacted your utility providers to organise a disconnect and reconnect service for the day of your move.
  • Getting in touch with Australian Post to get all your mail redirected. Don’t forget to cancel or redirect subscriptions.
  • Cancelling recurring domestic services such as gardening and house cleaning.
  • Contacting friends and family to look after young children and pets on moving day.
  • Make sure your home is in order for the handover. That means organising a house cleaning service and making sure that all repairs are completed.
  • Protect your important data and files by making sure that your computer is backed up with the external hide drive stored in a separate location to your computer.
  • If your car is going to be used for the move it needs to be in perfect working order. Don’t let a breakdown derail the move get your car serviced!
  • Take care of any minor incidentals, like returning books to the library and getting your prescriptions refilled.

Give Your Items Professional Treatment

Your treasures need to be packed professionally if they’re going to survive the transit. Packing professionally means:

  • Investing in quality packing materials. At a minimum, you will need packing tape, new boxes, bubble wrap and packing wrap. If you have expensive electronic equipment you should also invest in some custom-made boxes.
  • Pack boxes properly by not overfilling them. Overfilling them increases the chances of the bottom falling out and it also increases the chance of your removalists having sore backs. Fill them so one person can carry them comfortably, and fill up the extra space with bubble wrap to prevent movement within the box.

Keep on Working!

Your work is never really done, there’s always something that needs doing so with a week to go you should be:

  • Booking in for a final inspection of your new home to make sure it is ready to be moved into and up to the standard outlined in the contract.
  • Calling your solicitor or real estate agent to ensure that the keys will be ready for you to move in.
  • Communicating with your removal company to finalise details and make sure you’re both on the same page.
  • Creating an ‘Essentials Box.’ This box will contain important and easily misplaced things like remotes, chargers and keys.
  • Finishing off the last of the packing so that all you have to do on moving day is ferry boxes from the house to the truck.

This article was a guest blog article from Kent Removals & Storage. 

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Ultimate Moving Checklist