Your Deep Knowledge Of The State Of The Market

Dear Sue,

On looking at my diary in the course of tax preparation, I noticed that about this time last year you were much in my life, busily selling three of my Quay West apartments. (You will recall we had met when you negotiated the purchase of the one I still own!)

I am a terrible correspondent, but I feel impelled to write to you and let you know what an eye opener your management of those three sales was for me.

Two things in particular impressed me. First, your deep knowledge of the state of the market, both general and specific to our building, and I include in this not just your knowledge of the dollars-and-cents, but also of trends and the psychological factors underlying market movements.

Second, your ego-involvement in getting the best price for the vendor! Whereas the agents in my past experience, are content to get whatever deal gives them a commission with the least investment of time and energy, you worked tirelessly, and with difficult and irritating people to achieve the maximum sale price. I thought your detailed knowledge of the structure of the hotel pool, and the manner in which you incorporated this in the negotiations, was quiet masterly.

Unfortunately, just at the moment I have nothing to sell (!) but please be assured…. The minute I find myself in such a state you will know about it.

On a personal level, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your understanding of my personal circumstances, and the respect you showed for keeping my financial needs entirely confidential.

I trust that all goes well with you, and am sure your business life can be nothing but successful and impressive.

Thank you once again for your competence, attention to detail, insights, interminable patience, perseverance and outstanding salesmanship.