Competent, quick to respond, patient and ... a real estate agent with integrity!

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Sue, from the moment I first emailed her to the moment she met me at the house to bring the keys. During all my dealings with Sue she was super-professional. She was never pushy, never put me under pressure, and never told me I had to hurry up. She answered all my questions patiently, and gave me her assessment of the situation without disclosing anything she was not allowed to disclose. I appreciated that because it gave me the confidence that she had integrity. That’s not always how I feel about real estate agents. On a Sunday she took the time to work though the entire contract with me over the phone to make sure it was ready for submission Monday morning. That was great because – of course – I got a whole lot of stuff wrong on that complicated legal document! Even after I bought the unit, Sue was very happy to answer all my questions. When we met for the handover of keys, she took the time to help me find the correct parking spot and learn all the ins and outs of how to get into the parking area. She even introduced me to the managers of the residential complex. Sue now feels more like a friend than a real estate agent. If I had endless amounts of money, I would put in a standing order with Sue 😉