Vacating the Property


Vacating a property can be stressful but the key is to be organised! The vacate process can be easily guided by your property manager, who can explain the process and give you tips to make sure you get your bond back.  They can even help you choose thorough and reliable contractors to ensure your final clean is done correctly.

Follow the below to ensure you do everything required of you when vacating a Brisbane rental property.


As soon as you decide to move on you need to contact your property manager to ensure the correct notice is provided on the correct form.

As a tenant you are required to provide a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice to your vacate date on a Form 13 – Notice of Intention to Leave. This is required even if you’re intending to vacate the property at the expiry of your lease. The date listed on the Notice of Intention to Leave is the date that you intend to return possession of the property, you will need to make sure that the property is returned in the same condition (except for fair wear & tear) as to when you moved in.



In order to assist you in obtaining a full bond refund you must ensure the following items are completed prior to you handing back the keys to your Brisbane rental property.

If enlisting a professional bond cleaner when vacating the property please ensure you provide us with a copy of your receipt.

A list of Blocksidge’s recommended contractors is provided below. If you use a contractor who is not listed below and there are any issues identified at the vacate inspection you will need to contact your cleaners and arrange for them to return to fix any issues.

  • Full Bond Clean:  B’Bright cleaning – 07 3422 0085 |  OR  S & F Cleaning – 0455 892 309 |
  • Carpet, Floor, and Furniture Cleaning: Stainbusters – 1300 650 251
  • Pest Control: Amalgamated Pest Control – 13 19 61

If you have decided to clean the property yourself please take note of the list below:

  • Clean the stove, including exhaust, elements, oven, racks, griller, drip trays, the wall behind and the floor under.
  • Exhaust fans in the kitchen & bathroom, including filters must be cleaned.
  • Ceiling fans are to be cleaned.
  • Clean the bath, shower, shower screen/curtain, wash basin, mirrors, and bathroom cabinets – inside & out.
  • Toilets & tiles are to be clean of all soap residue & mildew.
  • Windows, window tracks, fly screens and window sills are to be clean.
  • Curtains and blinds are to be cleaned if visibly marked or smelly.
  • Power points, light switches & light fittings should be clean and all lights must have working bulbs.
  • Remove marks from walls and doors, picture rails & ceilings.
  • All cupboards & drawers throughout should be emptied and cleaned inside.
  • Floors should be swept & mopped clean, skirting boards clean & dusted.
  • Spider webs should be removed from inside and outside the dwelling – including balconies and verandas.
  • Lawns must be cut, weed gardens, pebble areas & driveways, trim edges and remove rubbish from garden, garage, sheds, under and beside the house etc.
  • Rubbish that will not fit into the rubbish bin must be removed from the premises & bins emptied prior to handover & cleaned with disinfectant.
  • Remove oil & grease stains from driveways, carports and paved or concrete areas.

If the Property is furnished:

  • Refrigerator and dishwasher: empty & clean including door rubbers, filters, floor under and the walls behind.
  • Washing machine and clothes dryer must be clean – especially lint filters.
  • Replace / repair inventory items that you or your guests have broken or damaged, at your expense, before handover and provide us with receipts in case the products or work are faulty.
  • Clean furniture & upholstery if marked or smelly & provide receipts for cleaning.


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If you have had pets at the property:

  • If an animal has been at the premises, even for a short time, you must have the property pest treated for fleas and provide a copy of the receipt when returning keys.

NOTE: a bond clean is usually done once you and all of your belongings are out of the property. So make sure to give yourself enough time to move to your new home and to complete the bond clean before handing back the keys.



When vacating a Brisbane rental, it is your responsibility to request a final read when disconnecting your Electricity and Gas. Please wait a minimum of 3 business days after you return keys before having this done. This allows your property manager to access the property while power is still connected to complete the Vacate Inspection. If any issues are noticed and require someone to return to the property to fix and the power has already been disconnected it will be your responsibility to have it reconnected until the issues have been rectified.

NOTE: if you have been paying for water usage throughout your tenancy, please ensure you have a look at your water meter and take a reading on the day that you return keys. The reading should be documented on your Exit Report.


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To avoid a claim being put on your bond, you will need to make sure that your rent is paid up to and including the day you vacate the property and return keys and that any outstanding invoices are paid also.

If you have been paying for water usage throughout your tenancy, we will use the water meter reading from the vacate inspection to calculate your final water bill.

It is your responsibility to ensure your DEFT payments are stopped. We cannot do this for you. This can be done via their website and logging into your DEFT account or by calling DEFT on 1300 301 090. If you do pay past your vacate date we will refund this money to you.



Keys are to be returned to the office by close of business on the vacate date you have listed on your Notice of Intention to Leave Form. The only exception to this is if your property manager has instructed another day/time.

When returning keys it is important to also provide any receipts for works you have had done at the property, e.g. Bond Clean, Carpet Cleaning, Pest Treatment, or Repairs. Also make sure you have provided us with your forwarding address and bank details. We will need these for your bond refund.

Please be aware that rent will be payable up to and including the day your keys are returned to our office.

The property will only be considered ‘Handed Over’ or ‘Vacated’ when ALL keys, remotes and security access devices have been returned to our office. Until this has been done, rent will continue to be charged.

If lost or missing keys are not replaced, you will be charged the cost or it will be deducted from your bond.

Once all keys are received, the agent will then complete the Vacate Inspection within 3 business days and let you know if there are any issues.



Your Property Manager will conduct the vacate inspection within 3 Business days of your keys being returned. Once they have completed the vacate inspection and compared the property with the original entry condition report they will let you know if anything needs to be attended to. This could be cleanliness, repair of damage, tidying of lawns/gardens, return of missing items from inventory etc.


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  • Arrange a removalist (you can read Blocksidge’s ultimate moving checklist here)
  • Organise disconnection of electricity, internet, and telephone
  • Organist connections at your new property
  • Update your insurance details
  • Update your mailing address and organise mail redirection
  • Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! Mowing and general tidying of the property
  • Arranging carpet cleaning and pest control, if required (pet owners this will be you)
  • Make sure your rent is paid up until your vacate date – if in doubt, check with your property manager
  • Cancel your rent direct debit payments to avoid over-payment



Email or call the Residential Property Managers using these contact details

  • Residential Property Managements Department – 07 3233 3988
  • Reception – 07 3233 3999

You can print a PDF copy of our information for vacating a Brisbane rental property by clicking here.

We also have a list of FAQs for Brisbane rental tenants here that may help.

The Residential Tenancies Authority has tips on cleaning a Brisbane rental property when vacating, as well as all forms you’ll need when vacating a property.