Stephanie Morrison

Property Management Assistant

A little about me

Stephanie has quickly gained an outstanding reputation as not only a highly competent and professional residential property management assistant, but also as a genuine, courteous and proactive person to work with. She has worked with Blocksidge Real Estate for over four years and enjoys the busy Brisbane CBD office location and the challenge that working in property management brings.

Having worked in customer service for almost nine years before joining the Blocksidge team, Stephanie is able to utilise the many skills she has acquired over the years to deliver outstanding customer service to the landlords, tenants, trades people and colleagues that she works with every day. Personalised and comprehensive service are Stephanie’s priorities and she is always eager to put her people skills to work.

Stephanie also understands the importance of efficient and effective service and she is constantly motivated to find more effective ways of performing her job without comprising her high standard of customer service. She insists that her focus is always to get the best outcomes for her customers, both emotionally and financially, and she loves getting positive results.

Negotiation skills, organisation skills and being able to communicate with people from all walks of life are things that Stephanie excels at. She is also an extremely hard worker who doesn’t let speed bumps or unexpected incidents slow her down. Stephanie believes in constantly improving her skills and learning something new every day. Working in the Brisbane real estate industry has been a perfect fit for her and she hopes to continue working in the industry for many years to come.


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