Roger Wilkins

Commercial Property Associate

A little about me

Multi-level stakeholder management within the public and private sectors sums up almost three decades of client work for Roger Wilkins.  His relocation to Australia began in early 2017.

Serving decision makers for decades, Roger has advised clients within the government and industrial sectors which are heavily engaged in campaign-like strategies to build, influence and commit projects for stakeholders.  This includes state and federal political/policy outcomes, US health care reforms, new property development projects, and start up/new business marketing sector through multiple campaign environments;  management of issue/policy sets, electoral strategy, grassroots marketing, online/traditional media strategies, and general campaign management.

Roger’s real estate campaign mindset is unique in that it trains the professional to have a stakeholder mentality, delivering results through expertise.  A solution-oriented and resourceful professional, Roger is a trusted advisor to US policymakers and business interests, lending expertise to major industry sectors and public policy concerns.

Roger S. Wilkins has practiced Real Estate in both America, as well now in Australia, advocating for planning groups and strategizing best practices for connecting investors and buyers alike.


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