Marketing. Why you need it to sell or rent property in Brisbane

Your home is unique, both as a place that you have built memories, but also as a significant investment. So when you’re looking at selling or renting your home it’s important that you maximise your return on your investment. Marketing your property can help you do just that.

How to maximise your investment property in Brisbane

Let me paint a picture for you – People looking for a rental property or to buy a property have websites and apps that let them search by many different variables. They also have pictures, floor plans and virtual tours so people can see exactly what the property looks like before they even leave the couch. A lot of these people will look at a bunch of potential homes online, then narrow down their search to a select few to go see in person. Online searching maximizes the ability to compare and contrast homes on the market by selected features. Most of this is done before people contact a real estate agent.

“The average Australian spends 78.5 days looking for a property. During this period they will spend around 100 minutes researching online, attend around 30 open homes, and drive around 2,951km before choosing a home.” Aussie Home Loans research

To help your property stand out from the crowd and to maximise the number of applications/offers on your property in Brisbane, you must market your property. Doing so ensures a larger pool of buyers/tenants will see it, leading to increased enquiry and more applications/offers.

But it can’t be just any old marketing. Your property in Brisbane should be marketed strategically.

For example, photos can be make or break. Professional photos have a huge impact on the effectiveness of property marketing. Photos are going to be the first impression for over 95% of buyers and without good photos they may not shortlist your property. That means no enquiry, no attendance at inspections and much lower likelihood of a flurry of applications/offers.

This is important for both residential and commercial property in Brisbane. Recent figures show that Property Seekers spend up to 60% of their time on a commercial property page just looking at pictures!

The main purpose of marketing your home is to make sure you get in front of as many eyes as possible. Often clients will find that if they invest just that little bit extra, the results could be more than worth it. If you don’t put enough money towards your advertising schedule you could end up with a property that doesn’t sell or that sits vacant for too long. You could also find yourself wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work, so it pays to understand why your agent is recommending a marketing strategy and how they justify it.


So what does quality marketing do for my property in Brisbane?

When selling or leasing your property, your competitors are all the other properties on the market which are vying for buyers or tenants. Our job as your real estate agent is to ensure that your property looks, feels and sounds better than your competitors. This is how we can do that –

  • Professional photos – these are worth every penny and will show your property in the best light. As we said before, these are the make or break first impression that most people will see.
  • A well versed property description – to tell the story of your home and to sell it to potential buyers/tenants
  • A targeted property description – using “local” terms in the property description can help send your property to buyers on watch lists or those using search engines like Google
  • Listing on multiple websites – this increases exposure for your property and maximises the number of people who will see it.
  • A signboard – 53% of people used the internet to search for a property after seeing a signboard. Having both an online ad and a signboard mean that you are increasing the number of people seeing your property.
  • When selling a property we highly recommend a floor plan – these help buyers envision themselves in the property

To get the best price for your property, you need to make sure as many people as possible see it. The more people you have who are interested in your property, the better the price/the quicker it will rent as these people will l have to compete with each other.

Left: photo taken by an agent. Right: professional photo. The difference in quality and impact speaks for itself.

How can Blocksidge Real Estate help to market your property in Brisbane?

We can create a marketing pack to suit your budget using a range of media (online and offline) to maximise your potential pool of buyers /tenants.

The best way to achieve the maximum amount of exposure possible without going over your marketing budget, is to have a marketing strategy and schedule that’s in line with your needs. At Blocksidge we will design a strategy and schedule that also considers other factors such as the average number of days your property has been on the market, what other properties are up for sale in your area and how much your property is worth.

One of the key advantages of digital marketing is that it’s an excellent way to reach the largest possible target market, namely people looking to purchase or rent properties. On top of this, we can track the success of the online ad and using these results, we can take certain steps to increase its rank and make it stand out.

At Blocksidge we’ll work with you and ensure that our approach to your marketing campaign keeps you happy while also working to get as many potential buyers/tenants as possible to see your home.

Whether you have a property in Brisbane that needs to be sold or one that needs to be leased, we’ve got a marketing solution to help you attract a buyer or a tenant.

Why choose us?

  • We want to support you in your property sale or leasing effort and we’ll work with you to help you achieve your goals, your way.
  • We’re a member of the REIQ so you can rest assured that we’re striving for nothing short of best practice.
  • Our testimonials show that our clients appreciate how we work (you can read these for yourself)
  • We’ve been selling and managing property in Brisbane for over 130 years. There are only a handful of agencies who can say they know Brisbane as well as we do.
  • Our agency has been established for over a century as we work ethically and honestly. Our commitment to our clients means they often choose to work with us again and again.
  • We have a long established pool of local and interstate prospective buyers and investors
  • And we’ll never inflate an appraisal to win a listing. Instead, we will always give a well researched and honest opinion on a potential sale price or rental income.



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Marketing. Why you need it to sell or rent property in Brisbane