Brisbane's densest suburbs

It’s no secret that Brisbane’s city centre and surrounding suburbs are getting denser. With new developments cropping up around Brisbane let’s see which suburbs are now considered the densest.


brisbane's densest suburbs
Brisbane’s top 7 densest suburbs are –
  1. Kangaroo Point (home to 6,804 people per square kilometre)
  2. New Farm (6,453 people per square kilometre)
  3. Fortitude Valley (6,288 people per square kilometre)
  4. Highgate Hill (5,622 people per square kilometre)
  5. West End (5,519 people per square kilometre)
  6. Spring Hill (5,363 people per square kilometre)
  7. Brisbane City (4,789 people per square kilometre)

Fortitude Valley has seen the biggest increase in density over the past five years, up almost 43% from 2012. In 2012 it was home to 4,404 people per square kilometre. West End is second with an increase of 20% in population density over the same period.

However, over the past 10 years, West End has seen the biggest increase in density, up almost 61% from 2007 (where it was home to 3,436 people per square kilometre).

Brisbane’s top 7 densest suburbs have been largely unchanged since 2007, and they’ve all been within 10kms of Brisbane’s CBD.


brisbane's densest suburbs
How does Brisbane’s density compare?

In comparison to Australia’s southern capital cities Brisbane is far less dense. Melbourne’s inner city has a staggering 19,500 people per square kilometre! The highest density in Sydney can be found in the suburb of Potts Point where around 16,300 people per square kilometre.

brisbane's city
Is Brisbane’s density good or bad?

Density in any city can be good and bad. Planned and executed well, density can encourage and provide a large array of amenity (think cafes, restaurants, recreational centres, transport links etc.). The downside of density is that it can make using amenities much more difficult (we’re looking at you street parking in West End and New Farm!).

When considering whether to buy a property in a dense suburb it’s important to weigh up the pros and the cons. For example, living in Teneriffe is great if you like having immediate access to top cafes and restaurants and riding the CityCat to work. However, if you own a lot of cars or want peace and quiet, properties in the majority of this suburb are unlikely to suit your needs.

According to the experts, density is definitely a good thing. Town Planners argue that high density increases efficiency and allows communities easy access to services, infrastructure, and assets.

But if density isn’t for you, Brisbane’s middle to outer suburbs are significantly less dense. So, if you’re looking for peace and quiet, our advice is to start your Brisbane property search out there.

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Brisbane's densest suburbs