How to Ace Your Rental Application

Ace your rental application

It can be daunting trying to find the right rental property, not to mention exciting, and maybe even a little stressful and disappointing at times. If spending your Saturday mornings trying to view as many possibly suitable properties for rent in Brisbane doesn’t sound like lots of fun, then you’ll definitely want to get your rental application perfect from the get go.

Finding that rental

As soon as you come across that property that ticks all the boxes, you’ll need to put your best foot forward on your rental application and impress the agent or owner to make that property yours.

Tips to ace your next rental application:

Be organised

Get yourself and your partner (or housemates) organised BEFORE you even start viewing potential rental properties. Time is of the essence when you’re up against other applicants that could very well have an impeccable rental history, 3 perfect references and their bond in their back pocket.

Be prepared with the answers to complete an application form on the day and have a copy of all the relevant documents ready for the agent. Try and familiarise yourself with a rental application form first to avoid any delay.

Supporting documents required for a rental application need to add up to at least 100 points of identification and can be made up of the following, including at least 1 form of Photo ID:

  • 70 points:  Passport, Full Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate
  • 40 points:  Australian Driver’s License, Student Photo ID, Dept of Veteran Affairs Card, Centrelink Card, Proof of Age Card, State/Federal Government Photo ID
  • 25 Points:  Medicare Card, Council Rates Notice, Motor Vehicle Registration, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Gas Bill, Tenancy Ledger History, Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Last Four Rent receipts, Rent bond receipt, Previous Tenancy Agreement
  • Proof of Income:  Last 2 payslips, Bank Statements, Group Certificate, Tax Return or Accountant’s Letter, Centrelink Statement


Be enthusiastic

When you come across a property that you really like and want, show it!  Be on time to the inspection.  Ask questions about the property and its availability etc.  If you make a great first impression with the agent or owner, they will remember you and that can certainly work in your favour if there are a number of other applicants.


Put your best foot forward

References from previous landlords are a valuable document to lodge with your application as they can show the agent and your future landlord that you’re trustworthy and a wonderful tenant.

Rental ledgers are also very helpful as the show your reliability and consistency in paying rent on time to agents.



Before you submit your rental application make sure you check with your current landlord and all of your personal and professional references, including their current contact details. Confirm that they’re all happy with being a reference and let them know they may receive a call or email from the agent.


Follow up

A day or two after you’ve submitted your application contact the agent to check on the progress of your application.  Let them know that you’re more than happy to provide any further information required. A quick call or brief email will help put you front of mind when they’re reviewing the applications and remind them of your genuine interest.

If you’re application is successful make sure you’re ready to pay the bond straight away as well as the first 2 weeks rent, and you’re available to go in and sign the lease.

rental application


Happy house hunting and happy moving!

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How to Ace Your Rental Application