Brisbane House Buyers Checklist

For Brisbane house buyers it’s helpful to have a checklist of things to consider. Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions we ever make, whether it’s in Brisbane or somewhere else, and as such it can take up a lot of time. It’s also very easy to fall into the trap of letting your heart rule your head when it comes to the decision making. There’s so many things to consider, and more so than just the colour of the walls. A checklist can help keep everything manageable and you a happy house hunter!


brisbane house buyers

This is a simple checklist of unemotional considerations to think about when next looking for your new home.


What suburbs/locations do you really want to live in and do they have:
  • Peace and quiet or hustle and bustle
  • Close to work
  • Good amenities (parks, cafes, grocery shop, public transport etc.)
  • Affordable
  • Good schools
  • Close to family and friends
  • Low crime rate
brisbane house buyers
Does the house have the right number of rooms and configuration to suit your needs?
  • How close are the bedrooms to the living/entertaining areas?
  • Do any of the bedrooms face west?
  • Are there enough bedrooms for your future plans?
Is it structurally sound?
  • Don’t just take the agent’s word for it! Get a professional, impartial building inspector to check the roof and the building’s structural integrity
  • Also check the overall build quality, the various fittings, the level of insulation etc.
brisbane house buyers
What are the noise levels around the house and neighbourhood like?
  • Take note of the house’s proximity to main roads to determine if the street may be used as a thoroughfare during peak traffic periods.
  • Are the neighbours noisy?
  • Are there any commercial/industrial properties nearby that may become noisy during certain parts of the day or night?
Do you want natural light, if so, is there good natural light around the house?
  • Homes that face north generally have optimum natural light.
  • Are there lots of windows or a skylight?
Is there good water pressure from all taps?
Are there enough lights to adequately light each room at night?
Are there enough power points in each room?
brisbane house buyers
Is there air conditioning or ceiling fans in the bedrooms?
  • A Brisbane summer is not a good time to realise you need air conditioning…
Is there any sign of pest problems? (e.g. termites, ants etc.)
  • Get a pest inspection to highlight any issues.
Is there suitable outdoor space for your requirements?
  • Is there enough green space for your kids and/or your pets?
  • Do you have time to maintain a garden?
brisbane house buyers
Are there any planned developments nearby?
  • Will the noise and/or dust annoy you?
  • Will there be traffic implications?
brisbane house buyers
Is there sufficient parking onsite and/or street parking?
  • Are there sufficient garaging spots for your car(s)?
  • Are you happy and able to park on the street if you have to?
  • Will you need to apply for a permit?
  • Do you have a boat/caravan/motorbikes/bicycles/trailer? Where will they live?
Is the property at risk of flooding?
  • Brisbane floods a lot! Some areas much worse than others. Check the Brisbane City Council’s flood maps to ensure you know what the potential is for the home to flood.
brisbane house buyers
What are the ongoing costs and are you ready for them?
  • These can include body corporate levies, rates, urban utilities, electricity, phone and internet line rental, home insurance, contents insurance etc.
Do you want to do any renovations and does the house require any?
  • If you don’t want to do renovations maybe the fixer-upper isn’t going to be right for you.
  • Make sure that you’re comfortable with the level of work required on the home and have an idea of how much it may cost so there’s no surprises down the track.
Where are the official property boundaries?
  • Do the fences match what the official property boundaries are?
  • Ask your solicitor or conveyancer to get a property boundary identification survey to give you the lay of the land.
Introduce yourself to the neighbours to get a feel for the street.
  • Saying hello and chatting with people for only 5 minutes will tell you a lot about the people you’ll be living in close proximity to. This can be invaluable to your decision making!


So there you have it. Our simple checklist for Brisbane house buyers. Here’s a link to our current homes for sale.

brisbane house buyers

To help you with the above here are some useful resources:


This a printable version of our checklist that you can take along to your next open home to help remind you of things to look for – Checklist for Brisbane House Buyers


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Brisbane House Buyers Checklist